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I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of our film makers sometimes. Why do I ask? Well anytime I see another “Osuofia” or “Mama Gee” film, I ask myself that question: what is wrong with our film makers sometimes? Especially those in the comedy genre.
First time around Osuofia was kind of funny; yes, admittedly it managed to get some giggles out of me. But with each passing title that stated “Osuofia in this” or “Osuofia goes to where” it started getting irritating. As a filmmaker, surely you have to know when to call time on an already mediocre and boring comedy franchise. Sadly, Nigerian filmmakers do not.
Our brand of comedy fails to inspire any laughter in me, just  good ol’ fashioned irritation. Don’t mistake me for a nollywood hater though, its not as if Hollywood do not dole out their own brand of crap, but I have to talk about this. Any comedy film I see Nkem Owoh or/and John Okafor, I can already figure out the theme. They are probably going to play characters who are miscreants or trouble makers in a village or a village-like town. Same thing when you throw in the likes of Okey Bakassi, Victor Osuagwu or Charles Anwurum. So annoyingly predictable and boring.
Isn’t it asking too much to give us a decent, unstereotyped comedy that’ll actually fill us with the much desired laughter? No. I don’t think so. This is because I’ve seen it before. Once upon a time there was a Nollywood film (of course it wasn’t called Nollywood then) called PICCADILLY which starred the late Sam Loco Ere, Bob-Manuel Udokwu and Charles Ifediba. It was about a father-son robbery gang and their travails with the law. It was funny, it was fresh; it was funny. It didn’t have Aki and Pawpaw running around a village being silly; or the usual suspects earlier mentioned doing their stereotyped best.
We can do a whole lot better than we’re doing now. I didn’t find JENIFA funny; OSAS was a silly “Jenifa” knock-off. I still haven’t seen any funny comedy, all I’ve seen so far are well produced attempts. I do wish we would take progress seriously instead of deceived ourselves that we’ve arrived. We have a lot of work to do. Plus I’m really going to give a prize to any new Nigerian Comedy film that gives me a “Modern Family” styled laugh.


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