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Have you ever wondered about some particular movie series and wondered to yourself, “Can’t they just give it a rest?” Yeah, I feel that way too right now. I mean aren’t you just thankful you never have to see another SAW movie? Anyways, these are some others movie series we wish that Hollywood would put out of our misery.

It was totally fresh when we saw the first one. The Wayans had just done a huge favor by speaking our minds, dissing all those corny slasher flicks; so on earth did SCARY MOVIE get so corny too? Well the answer to that is “They allowed it progress past the 1st sequel.”
I mean SM 2 was watchable but parts 3,4, and 5 were just horrible. Movie fans shouldn’t be put through that kind of horror at all! There’s really no need to keep pouring out one boring movie after another which does more badly at the boxoffice with each release.

Our romance with this one on the big screen started well enough. We enjoyed seeing Alice kicking zombie butt all over the place; it was cool. The came RE: APOCALYPSE which featured Nemesis; it was cool. Then came the not so necessary RE: EXTINCTION which was not so cool in a way but I enjoyed all the action and the fact that it might be the last of the series. RE: AFTERLIFE proved me very wrong and this pile of crap called a movie turned our to be the worst one I saw that year. Pointless and unnecessary as it was, it surprisingly led to a 5th part RE: RETRIBUTION (it seems all the retribution was targeted to the viewers).
I’m going to make this short to the makers if this now abominable movie series: give it a rest! Your movie has turned to a pile of crap! And if you have crap in your hands, flush it down the toilet! Nuff said.

I’m sure we all love John Mclane. He’s that unlikely hero we can all relate to who wants to kill all the bad guys, save the day, and get on with his life. I really liked the DIE HARD TRILOGY; it was good action for the average Joe. When I heard about and saw LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, I wished the series could just die easy. Not that I thought the 4th installment was horrible, I just felt maybe its time for John Mclane to retire.
For a while I thought Mclane was done, and Hollywood does what they do best: surprise the jeebies out of us with A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. It wasn’t fair on us and Mclane (it didn’t do so great at the Office). This ‘comeback’ was ill-fated and totally unnecessary. We’re even hearing of a possible DIE HARD 6…its really living up to the name isn’t it?


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