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Romantic Comedy. It’s really a phenomenon in Hollywood. Boy meets girl and all, admidst a lot of laughs (or lack of it depending on which movie you’re watching).
Do I have a problem with Romantic Comedies, or Rom Coms as they are called? No, not really. I just have a huge problem with some really annoying cliches. My best part of Rom Coms is the beginning of the movie. You know why? Because that’s kind of the unpredictable part, because you can’t really tell how the boy meets the girl and what angle the story is coming from(badluck in JUST MY LUCK and movie star meets simple guy in NOTTING HILL).
Now on to the predictable parts. The We’re-getting-along-and-we-think-we’re-in-love part when everything is going just peachy. Then we get to the Conflict part; where the principal character probably gets caught in a lie like in  Coming To America where Lisa finds out Prince Hakeem is…well…a prince.
Then we get to the kiss-and-make-up part. Here the guy or girl chases their lover to the train station or airport or goes to another city to profess undying love and apologize. They kiss make up and live happily ever after. So now I pretty much know how every Rom Com is going to end.
Maybe its not such a bad thing for you, but I for one would like to get a few surprises now and then. Then again the worst thing is actually a Rom Com that hardly has any “Com” in it. I mean how are you supposed to call it a comedy when it inspires few laughs.


Any Rom Com with Katherine Heigl in it would be the worst for me I’d have to pick KILLERS as the absolute worst.
Also I have to mention MADE OF HONOR.

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