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Only two new movies made a debut in the top 10 this weekend while John Claine fell hard.
IDENTITY THIEF took back control of the no. 1 spot as A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD experienced a sharp fall to no. 5. Dwayne Johnson’s new flick SNITCH debuted at no. 2 quite decently, but with IDENTITY THIEF nearing blockbuster status, I doubt it will get any higher.

10. Beautiful Creatures
$3.4M Total Gross: $16.4M.

9. Side Effects
$3.5M Total Gross: $25.3M.

8. Warm Bodies
$4.8M Total Gross: $58.2M.

7. Silver Linings Playbook
$6.1M Total Gross: $107.5M.

6. Dark Skies NEW
$8.8M Total Gross: $8.8M.

5. A Good Day To Die Hard
$10M Total Gross: $51.8M.

4. Safe Haven
$10.6M Total Gross: $48.1M.

3. Escape From Planet Earth
$11 Total Gross: $35.1M.

2. Snitch NEW
$13M Total Gross: $13M.

1. Identity Thief
$14.1M Total Gross: $93.7M.

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