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Seriously when I finished watching the Wachowski’s CLOUD ATLAS all I could say was ‘Wow’. I mean the movie kind of had me maximally dazed.

I don’t really do movie reviews so you should know that this isn’t one. It’s just another movie fan marvelling at what could easily be a classic. Now where the credit for the story may not go to the Wachowskis (its based on a book written by David Mitchell), you have to give Lana and Andy and Tom Tykwer for a fantastic screenplay and great directing.

It’s tough enough weaving a screen play around 4 characters as is done in most movies but these guys put in 6 timelines simultaneously with most of the lead actors playing up to six different characters. I think above everything that was the most fascinating aspect of the movie for me. The characterization and the ability of the actors to potray a different attitude character and accent several times in one movie; this has to be applauded.

Critics, of course, had been divided over their opinion of the movie. Some call it a disaster some call it ambitious. If I was a critic I’d call it splendid; any movie that’s makes you have to watch it twice and be amazed (had to add that last part so we won’t regard a movie like SOUTHLAND TALES as splendid) has to just that: splendid.
I’m surprised it only grossed about $27M; I guess people fear what they don’t understand. Well the sound, visual effects and cinematography were also very commendable and I have to give it up again for the costume design and makeup crew.
Now if you haven’t watched CLOUD ATLAS yet, here’s my advice: ignore what anyone tells you (even the movie reviewers and critics) and go experience the movie for yourself. Enough said.

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