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The first time i complained about remakes i would have sounded like an annoying guy. Well after 2012 what do you think about me now?
What am i talking about? Well i’m talking about making ‘remakes’ of movies that well, don’t really need remaking. Well yeah…i know it would be cool to see what BLADE RUNNER would like with modern CGI but please give us a break with all that stuff. I mean i haven’t seen any remake in recent times that i actually enjoyed talk less of it being better than the original.
DREDD was totally ‘dreddful’ to say the least. The fact that it was a THE RAID:REDEMPTION rip-off was the least of my problems (ok i’m lying, its at the top). The movie was extremely boring, Dredd (played by Karl Urban) had no character whatsoever. I mean i know Dredd is supposed to be a tough guy, but Robocop had more character than this dude. The fact that i liked Sylvester Stallone’s JUDGE DREDD kind of says a lot about this abomination. The movie was drab and boring and a total drag to watch. Was i pleased to see it? How can you ask me that dude!
Then we have TOTAL RECALL. Granted TR wasn’t as bad as DREDD, but it wasn’t as good as the original. What it the exclusion of Arnold? Heck if i know; even the inclusion of the 3-breasted woman didn’t do the trick.
Well the truth is i can rant all i want, but all my ranting won’t change a thing. Plans to remake GREMLINS and BLADERUNNER may or may not be in the offing, but we’ll probably hate them.
I think they should take a lesson in Movie Remake 101: Remake mostly movies that were made between the 50s and the 80s, they might be successful. Like THE ITALIAN JOB for instance.
Oh well, we still love Hollywood right?

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