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I have a confession to make: I love movies. I guess that’s not really a big secret if you think about it. I just love to get absorbed by a movie, whether i consume its contents from my sofa or the seats in a cinema. I love to feel the buzz when a movie is about to be released; I love to talk about them and analyze them after they’ve been seen; I love movies.
So naturally because of my love for this very effective media of mass communication, i’ve noticed something: Film is an effective tool to do a lot of things. You can sell an idea or a product, you can educate people on any particular subject or you can use it as a public relations tool. Look at Hollywood, they understand the uses of film very well. Why do i say so? Well look at most of their movies and their subject matter and main theme. The United States Marines have been cast in glorious lights on several occassions in the movies THE HURT LOCKER, BATTLE LOS ANGELES etc. The US Navy have been showcased in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, BATTLESHIP(in fact,this movie highlighted the durability and continued relevance of older battleship models), and of course NASA received a free P.R campaign in ARMAGGEDON.
What’s my point already? Well my point is what’s wrong with us doing the same in Nigeria? Sure corruption exists on all levels but so does it in the US, but it hasn’t stopped them from showing us the good sides (though they haven’t shied away from showing the bad sides,see SON OF NO ONE, BASIC etc). We have a lot of sectors in Nigeria that are in need of some good P.R, like the Executive arm,The Police etc. Instead of wasting film reels on useless scripts, we don’t we build stories around these sectors and show people that in the midst of all the bad, some good can still be found. Write an exciting script, throw in some talented actors, plug in some action and advertise.
I’m not asking for a poorly done movie that would end up looking like a shameless endorsement; i’m talking about making a movie that will subliminally place the subject of the ‘P.R’ campaign in the middle. Let’s use film to do more than just entertain, lets use it to rebrand.



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