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In honour of the release of the newest film from my favorite franchise-the James Bond franchise-“Skyfall” i wanted to bring you two other badass super agents who may not serve the queen,drink vodka martini but could kiss Bond’s butt all over the place.

1. ETHAN HUNT (Mission Impossible)
Ah yes,good ol’ IMF huncho Ethan who changes faces like suits,loves to hang from cables,jumpoff buildings in Asia and climb up buildings in Abu Dhabi. Well is Ethan is a pretty cool agent,i mean he’s got the bond suave but maybe a little too serious to have fun. This guy takes his job pretty seriously. Despite that you can’t deny Ethan’s ‘badness’. He dispatches his enemies easily,he’s got cool gadgets and state of the art equipment and like 007,he’s not afraid of heights. In the lady department Ethan appeared to be a one-woman per movie kind of guy until he got hooked in MI:3.
My favourite Ethan Hunt moment has got to be his climb on that freakishly tall Abu Dhabi Hotel in Ghost Protocol (that was so OMG crazy dude). All in all we like Ethan and think he can give 007 a run for his money.
Unforgetabble thing: “Mission Accomplished” has got to be the weirdest line you’ll ever hear from a super spy.

2. JASON BOURNE (The Bourne Trilogy)
Seriously even their names sound similar and they’d probably misplace their suitcases at the airport with those initials,but don’t get it twisted,Jason Bourne is no James Bond. First off Jason never wore a suit in any of the Bourne movies and he didn’t seem to like the taste of liquor (so much for Vodka Martini). And concerning women he had eyes for only one who got whacked in “Supremacy” (well he’s got something in common with 007 there).
One thing very frightening about Bourne is the fact that he kicked butt and took names all the way from “Identity” to “Ultimatum” before he found out who he was. My question is if he was this badass with amnesia,how was he when he was normal (i shiver at the thought). Without any fancy gadgets or flashy cars,this looks like he could rip 007 apart. Well Bourne’s weird and wants to be left alone but he’s still one amnesia patient…sorry agent we love to love. In conclusion this guy wouldn’t just kill 007. Since Bond only lives twice,Jason would easily kill him thrice.
Unforgettable thing: i’ll never forget how Bourne took out Clive Owen’s character in “Identity”,that was super cool.

Well after all said and done we love our spies all the same,don’t we.



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