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Paranormal Activity 4? Really guys? Parts 1,2 and 3 weren’t enough to drive home whatever paranormal points you guys had in mind?
Just in case you’re wondering,this is targeted to the makers of what has become the Paranormal Activity series. I think the real paranormal activity in all this is how they get us to sit down and watch every single part that is released.
I’m not really a big fan of sequels but if you’re going to make it,you might as well make it relevant right? I don’t know why these PA movies coming out…wait i know they make a tidy sum at the box office compared to their budget.
Oh well,Hollywood has got to bring in the money no matter how frustrated we get so i guess at some point we’ll have to shut up grab the popcorn and wait patiently for Paranormal Activity 5; because just like Change,another PA movie is surely going to come.


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