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Okay,its awards season and the buzz is so loud. This happens to be one of those years when we’re going to have a hard time determining with film will walk away with the Best Picture Award.
With all the great flicks that have been nominated this year like The Artist,The Descendants,Midnight in Paris,Hugo,The Help etc. the Academy judges are going to have a hard time. With The Descendants already picking up a win at the Golden Globes, the Clooney-led essemble seems to be a favorite. Buy don’t you dare forget the 3D Hugo (for which Martin Scorcese won a Globe for best directing) or the pleasant Midnight in Paris.
Also this year’s award season the return and intimidation of the ‘silent film’ in the guise of The Artist. With great story telling and an escape from the modern day norn, this unusual flick has already conquered this years BAFTA’s, so could the OSCAR’s naturally be the next conquest?
Well with all the great movies that made the nominations list for Best Picture at the OSCARS, we at CINEMANIACS are a bit dissapointed the Drive wasn’t included, but don’t worry Academy, we forgive you; we even forgive you for excluding The Adventures of Tintin from the best Animation category but what we simply can’t forget is the obvious lapse of denying Albert Brooks a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category for his brilliant performance in Drive. That’s just down-right insulting. Albert was so good and he, at least deserves a nomination.
Any ways we can’t win them all right? Grouses or not CINEMANIACS is totally looking forward to The 2012 Academy Awards.

PS: We just wanted to state that we at CINEMANIACS will miss Whitney Houston greatly. The singer and actress warmed our hearts in her roles in The BodyGuard and The Preacher’s Wife. We’ll miss you Whitney.

No nomination for our little belgian hero


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