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To be stupid means to lack intelligence or common sense and to tell you the truth, I’ve watched some cartoon characters and seen that definition come alive in them. Here’s to some of the dumbest and most stupid cartoon characters to ever grace the Television screen


He’s blonde, he’s dumb and he’s so much fun; it’s Jonny Bravo. If this guy’s cranial content was as much as his hair, he’d be smarter than Einstein. Jonny is one our most watchable characters but the guy is just too dumb to be real; and the fact that he thinks he’s some kind of chick magnet makes him even more ridiculous; not to mention the apparent lack of fashion sense. It’s so obvious that Jonny needs a brain fast so can some real smart scientist go back to the 70’s and get Jonny his brain back.

BRAIN SIZE: peanut


It’s one thing for your kids to be way ahead of you in vogue and current trends, that’s understandable; but to be way ahead of you in brains is just plain upsetting. Up next is Homer Simpson of The Simpsons animated family show. How is it possible to be named after a great Greek philosopher and still turn out to be an infantile idiot, majorly motivated by beer and donuts? Who knows, I’m not that smart.



We’re lucky he’s a family guy, a very stupid family guy. On one episode of the FOX show, Family Guy, he chose TIME shares instead of a speed boat for the family. The amount of stupid stuff this guy does is too much to be documented; we simply wouldn’t know how to stop.

BRAIN SIZE: Green pea


Apparently the apple did not fall far from the tree. Chris is actually dumber than his dad, Peter, if that’s even possible. If it takes you about a week to figure out a-steak-on-a-rope joke (In the episode were Peter tries to help Chris lose weight), then you can’t be that smart.

BRAIN SIZE: Half a green pea


I was about to give I.R a break, after all, he’s an animal then I remembered: so is I Am Weasel. So, no, he doesn’t catch a break. Perhaps in a world where apes are trying to take over the world and zoo animals try to hook a brother up, I.R needs to go to night school and catch up with the trend. Perhaps no one likes a bad looking guy who’s also stupid, right Dexter?

BRAIN SIZE: Corn seed


General Specific form Sheep in the Big City is never going to catch Sheep with that kind of inherent stupidity. The chief antagonist is so stupid that we watch the show just for the fun of it. However did he get promoted to the rank of General with Private Public still remaining a private?(Sheesh!). If a sheep is smarter than you, that is just bad for business.

BRAIN SIZE: Wheat grain


First of all, I hate the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy; it’s kind of irritating. One thing though is that the show is fascinating because it’s the first time I ever saw a human looking Frankenstein. Ed is just deplorable. The guy is just so stupid, what more can I say; all brawn and absolutely no brain.

BRAIN SIZE: Oops, no brain detected


The Mayor of Townsville from The Power Puff Girls is so stupid and looks even more so with the ridiculous dressing and the annoying moustache. The irony of it all is that he’s the mayor (Oh the things that happen in politics). Hopefully we can convince Mojo Jojo to embark on operation Share-a-brain.

BRAIN SIZE: A grain of rice


Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy couldn’t have been dropped on his head as a child; it has to be something worse like a genetic disease. This character is a complete first class dummy with the stripped t-shirt, upward face-cap and an annoying laugh. In an episode when a brain-sucking monster came to town, it tried to suck Billy’s and found none. I rest my case.

BRAIN SIZE: Oops no brain detected



  1. *sigh* Absolutely genius!!!!! I couldn’t have said it any better my self. #ThumbsUp

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