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Okay, I’ve officially had it with these movie makers. I mean what must it take to get it into the heads of these film executives that these remakes are just straight up unnecessary? It’s really nothing personal with re-makes, I mean if the original was really messed up and the remake proves to be better, then go for it (We sure could use a decent remake of Killers).

My biggest problem with remakes is why the film makers just insist on remaking a great movies; I mean if ain’t broke don’t fix it. The question is, what is the reason behind them? Is it childish need to know how these classics will look with CGI? Is it an attempt to show the newer generation? Heck if I know.

Recently the chunky Cimmerian, Conan was welcomed back to the big screen and so was Fright Night and I have to tell you, they did badly. I honestly do not know what the producers were trying to prove considering that most of the remakes of blockbusters turn out having dismal outings. Check out The Invasion, The Planet of the Apes and Clash of the Titans, just to mention a few; they failed live up to the hype of the original.

The idea is just simply annoying and it kind of makes you wonder if the guys at Hollywood have run out of ideas. If they have, we have a simple solution: either go make an unnecessary sequel for a pointless movie (Marine style) or go look for some Japanese or Danish movie and make an English version (I’ve got a Grudge with that Dragon Tattoo; get it?). That will be less irritating than totally ruining a classic for the fans. Believe me I almost wept after seeing Worthington’s version of Clash of the Titans.

But you really want to know what’s more annoying than remakes? Pipe down, I’ll tell you: it’s remaking a movie that was made three years earlier. Yeah, you know where I’m going with this; what in the hell was the big idea of making a 2010 majority black cast of 2007’s Death at a Funeral? I can’t believe I’m saying this but the 2007 British version was actually a more interesting watch. The 2010 version; are you kidding me? Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan in the same movie, give us a break.

What’s the moral of this long talk? Stop remaking movies! Go write an original script and make your own classic, because someone else made that one you’re “remaking.” With The Thing and The Three Musketeers coming soon, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


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