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There were days when “Spoof movies” were something honorable; I mean these parody movies showed us what we wanted to see- the dumb side of some of our popular movies. Action and one- man- army movies like Commando and First Blood and Top Gun were spoofed in Hot Shots 1&2; and, of course, in recent times, we’ve seen slasher movies taken apart by Scary Movie.

Like I stated earlier, Spoof movies used to something honorable and enjoyable to watch but these days it is utter rubbish. To tell you the truth, after the first Scary Movie, I haven’t watched any parody movie that has excited me in the least. They turn out to be useless, boring piles of crap.

Scary Movie 2- 4 were very horrible and, I must say, It was a mighty shame. Don’t even get me started with Date Movie; when a film gets a rating of ‘no star’ out of five on Total Film’s review, what else is there to say. And the list goes on: Not Another High School Movie (more like not another movie, movie), Epic Movie, Disaster Movie (They should have merged it and called it “Epic Disaster of a Movie”) and of course, Superhero Movie.

I mean these movies are so dumb- and I know they’re supposed to be, sort of, but not brain- dead dumb right? When you find yourself snoring during a comedy, you got a problem! Of course, when they thought the ‘movie’ in the title was the problem, they decided to side track us. Then came Meet the Spartans, Dance Flick and Vampires Suck (and so do you). Don’t get it twisted, these ones were even worse.

I think the problem with these movies is (1) They don’t have a decent plot (2) They try to diss too many movies at once- e.g. Disaster Movie tried to lump in Transformers, Batman, Hellboy, The Incredible Hulk, High School Musical, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Night at the Museum, Speed Racer, Iron Man, No country for Old Men, 10,000 BC (phew!). (3) Well, too many movies to spoof leaves too much many gags, too many gags just make the whole thing too tiring to watch. (4) They make too many parodies of good movies e.g. why on earth does The Matrix have to be spoofed.

One example of a modern day spoof is Hot Fuzz. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost decided to go to the action movie zone and spoof 90’s police- themed action movies after Shawn of the Dead which spoofed Dawn of the Dead (one movie). The remarkable thing about these movies is that they were hilarious and had an independent plot; they weren’t just ‘going with the flow,’ they had a story which just used the parody as the theme. Imagine how it would have turned out if they decided to incorporate every zombie flick from The Night of the Living Dead to Resident Evil; it would have been a resident mess.

In essence, I still want to see spoof movies like Hot Fuzz, Hot Shots and Wrongfully Accused, but about those ‘movie’ movies, we say, absolutely not! When a spoof movie is nominated as worst movie of the year alongside the movie its spoofing (Vampires Suck V Twilight Saga: New Moon), then we got a problem.


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