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I just thought of something; how comeHollywoodjust has a way of turning characters from bad to good guys pleading the case of amnesia. I’ve seen it in to major instances. Come on now, you know what I’m talking about; Jason Bourne anyone?

Yeah! For those of you who have seen the Bourne trilogy (Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum), you know the whole story, but for the sake of those who don’t, the story is simple. Jason Bourne is a CIA hit man who loses memory of who he is after an operation- gone- bad. So he naturally tries to find out who he is while trying to evade his former employees. Oh well, along the way, he finds he’s a badass CIA killing machine and he (wait for this) decides he don’t wanna kill no more. This guy suddenly decides he wants to be left alone- after all the tax- payers money spent in training him (Oh no he didn’t, CIA).

Also in the recently released Liam Neeson flick, Unknown, we see another ‘amnesiac.’ Liam belongs to an elite assassination squad on assignment inGermany. He has to go back to the airport to pick up forgotten luggage and has an accident. As a result of this, he has amnesia (I don’t know what else to call it); he forgets his real identity and starts to believe that his cover identity is who he really is (Oh! Oh!).

The funny thing I noticed about these guys is how they suddenly do not want to do what they signed up for. Jason Bourne refuses to go back to the CIA to answer for his failure to assassinate his target and also to hand himself over to the police. And Liam’s character got away with attempted murder.

Whichever way you look at it, these guys were bad guys who never at any point apologized for all the bad they had done, all the people they had murdered. These movies make it seem like ‘hey go ahead and become an assassin. When you’re done, just bump your head plead amnesia and become an all round good guy.

And of course there is also the angle of the women who decide to shack up with them even after they find out how dangerous these guys are. I guess good girls really like bad guys.

What’s the big idea? We ain’t trying to judge; you know us at CINEMANIACS; just thinking aloud.


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