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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson





The Wrestler: California native who’s an impressive 6ft 4 and has won the WWF/E championships an epic 16 times.

Signature Move: The People’s Elbow

Signature Movie: Johnson’s beefed up his fair share of big screen brawlers, most recently as a near-silent assassin in Faster.

But the one what got him on the league table was The Mummy Returns, in which Johnson played the Scorpion King – and suffered through a truly terrible CG makeover for his climactic hybrid transformation. A rock-soundtracked prequel-sequel followed a few years later.


John Cena





The Wrestler: Known ringside as Mr P and The Prototype, Cena has a back pocket bulging with credentials, including rapper, actor and, naturally, wrestler.

Signature Move: FU (or the Attitude Adjustment)

Signature Movie: Cena snuck into movieland through the back door thanks to WWE Studios, who financed his first film The Marine. He played a discharged US Marine whose wife is kidnapped by diamond thieves. Kelly Clarkson and Robert Patrick co-starred.

Sadly, The Marine bombed, only making $7m in cinemas. Since then, Cena’s not done much better, with roles in Hanna Montana and Fred: The Movie


Hulk Hogan





The Wrestler: Perhaps the most famous wrestler of them all, Hogan’s white-blonde mountain of muscle and white-hot cool has made him a firm fixture in popular culture. He frequently dons bandanas and shades. He’s just cool like that.

Signature Move: The Running Leg Drop

Signature Movie: Hogan pretty much set the mould for wrestlers-turned-actors, splitting his time between big dum actioners and feather-light comedies.

His signature movie, though, is Mr Nanny, in which Hogan put himself through all kinds of humiliation for the big paycheck – including wearing that pink tutu. The Rock later did something similar with The Tooth Fairy.


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin





The Wrestler: Thrice-married Texas resident who’s boasted 19 championship wins throughout this illustrious wrestling career.

Signature Move: The Stone Cold Stunner

Signature Movie: The Longest Yard was his cinematic debut, and starred Adam Sandler as a named and shamed ex-professional football quarterback who makes a comeback by forming his own team – which consists of prison inmates.


Jesse Ventura





The Wrestler: Forget about Arnie, Ventura’s an ex-wrestler who held office as Governor of Minnesota between 1999 and 2003. A year later his wrestling persona, ‘The Body’ was entered into the WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

Signature Move: Body Breaker

Signature Movie: Ventura’s inaugural entrance into moviedom came with a bang and buckets of blood in Arnie classic Predator, in which Ventura played weapons and ordnance specialist Blain Cooper. He was the Predator’s second military victim.

We wonder if Arnie and Ventura held wrestling competitions during filming. Our money’s on Ventura winning.


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