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Well 2011 has started on an O.k. note. The 2011 forecast has shown us that there’s so much to look forward to in this exciting movie year. We’ve already seen remakes and the like. Green Hornet wasn’t a bad watch, some kick ass moves from Jay Chou and grit and humor from good ol’ Seth and some good old fashioned bad- guyness from Christoph Waltz gave me something to enjoy. That’s what I like in remake; something different from the original (take note, cast and crew of Superman).

Anyways, moving on to other things; Gnomeo and Juliet has gotten pretty decent reviews; I haven’t had the time to see it yet so I hope it doesn’t disappoint me because I have a horrible way of dealing with movie disappointments.

One movie I have watched, though, is The Adjustment Bureau. The movie has an impressive cast led by the outstanding Matt Damon. I totally like the guy because he’s a joy to watch. Of course, we also see Emily Blunt and Anthony Mackie, whose star seems to be soaring higher (and that lead role beckons). But, being that I’m the kind of guy that can’t just leave well enough alone and just sit back and enjoy a movie as a layman, I just had to find problems with the film.

I’m really sick and tired of movie directors trying to interpret what they think God is like and how He operates; just make the movie why doncha? The idea that the big guy up there runs an adjustment bureau is just ridiculous. I know, I know, its fiction right? Okay, I buy that, but could we make fiction that doesn’t make God appear like some kind of bored psycho whose favorite past- time is putting us through a series of miserable tests.

Another annoyance for me is that trend we see all too often where the movie leads us on this suspense filled trip and when we are finally at the edge of the cliff, we get pulled back to the starting line (Like Next and Prince of Persia). At the end of The Adjustment Bureau, it turns out that Matt and Emily can be together after all and the “Chairman” (or woman or child; make up your minds guys) was merely testing their resolve to fight for freewill. Are you kidding me? Did I just spend more than one hour for that? They could have taught me that in 20 minutes!

And then there’s the super powered hats (Say what!) that can enable you open the door of your bedroom into Angelina Jolie’s living room. It’s ridiculous, but you gotta wish you had that hat.

The truth, however, is the movie isn’t so bad (It’s 100 times better than the nauseating Killers). I like the performance from the actors and more importantly, I like the message. I think it’s important people know that God gives us free will- the right to chose- to make our own decisions.

So, yeah, a lot of stuff annoy me about the movie but I still recommend it. Go see it with your wife or girlfriend and love each other more.



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