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When I heard about the release of SAW 3D, I was like ‘oh my God’ dude. For crying out loud, how many more ‘games’ do we have to see to get the message (Whatever it is, if any). Those guys at “Twisted” are really twisted. I don’t know if it’s more annoying than resurrecting Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees over and over again (Why can’t these psychos ever seem to die).

The ‘bad guy’ of the Saw series died in part 3, but the psychotic (he might disagree) Jigsaw has managed to have a hand in the events that have occurred from to the final part. I think that is very annoying. I know that the concept of the movies is to have something to piece all the parts together like a jigsaw puzzle but come on guys, I had enough by Saw 4 and I’ve been OMGing since then.

The funny thing about it is the way everyone turns out to be Jigsaw recruits, from a detective to jigsaw’s mild- mannered wife to the good doctor in the first part who had to chop off his own leg to be free. Ask yourself this, how does a guy become appreciative of the guy who made him lose a limb? Your guess is as good as mine.

The idea behind the Saw story is just plain dumb, and the fact that we had to see it 7 times makes us slightly dumber than they are. Come on, think about it, if you want to teach a guy anger management, take him to see a shrink or something, you don’t have to chain him to the walls of a toilet. The movie is just sick and I had to say it.

I wonder how many people jigsaw can change by hacking them to pieces; what about the people in high office who are corrupt? What does Jiggy have to say about that? Be careful though, because if you ask that question too much you might see SAW 24: Straight to the White House.

I’m honestly hoping that Saw 3D is the last time we’ll have to ever hear that idiotic phrase, “I want to play a game.”



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