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When asked about the status of a potential Crank 3, Statham said: “It’s a shame the last one didn’t do that well. I think the first one had a little bit more success and usually if you do a sequel, it usually has to in some ways take a little bit more money than the first one.”

“It was absolutely nuts, which reflects exactly who those two [directors Neveldine and Taylor] are. I don’t know, whether we’ll do another one… Who knows?”

We certainly hope not Jason, Crank 2 was cranked up a little too high for our https://onochie.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpliking.

The subject of a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone-drenched action team-up The Expendables arose, and the hard-man actor offered the following: “Yes I have heard about a sequel and I’d be the first to say yes to a phone call from Sly.”

“I mean, we spoke about it as soon as the movie started to do really well and he says, you know, it would be great to do this again, and if there’s anyone who can do a good sequel it’s Sly Stallone! He’s done a fair amount.”

“Yeah, we had a good time. It’s something I’d like to repeat… I’m very positive that it will be going.”


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