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There used to be a time you could make a decent movie forecast. There was also a time you could walk into a cinema and expect to see a decently made movie that would give you the “oohs” and “aahs.” Oh, those were the glorious days, the golden days you could say. The recent times make us miss those old days when film makers still had some sort of respect for fans and movie goers; days when the garbage pile did not stink so bad. Can’t those days make a comeback like Robert Downey Jr.?

Some people might think my lament is overbearing, pushy and even unnecessary but someone has to cry out. We complain a lot about Nollywood movies- and there’s a lot to complain about- but they aren’t the only movie industry dishing out rubbish to the consumers. Hollywood (yes, Hollywood), in my own honest opinion wrecked 2010 for me, movie-wise, with horrible remakes, pointless sequels and generally horrible flicks.

I mean, I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the coming of Wall Street:Money never sleeps (more like sequels never sleep), after 24 years! Come on guys give us a break. Were Toy Story 3, Resident Evil Afterlife and all those annoying 3D sequels necessary? I could have slept much better without them. Given, some of the sequels were okay and some absolute trash, but what about those remakes? Phew! Clash of the Titans? What a load of rubbish; Robin Hood? Not impressive Mr. Scott; and why won’t Hollywood allow Freddy and Jason dies in piece.

Don’t even get me started on those movies that tried to lure us with 3D attached to the title: Saw 3D, Step Up 3D, Piranha 3D etc. Then Hollywood proceeded on a competition on who could produced the worst movie and, believe me, the list was endless: The Last Airbender, Devil, Killers, Machete, Repo men, Twilight saga: Eclipse, Jonah Hex, Knight and Day; the list is endless.

Don’t get me wrong, some great movies graced our screens this year like Inception, The Town, Salt, Kick Ass etc. but Hollywood has got to sit up. They can’t keep hoping we’ll stick with the fallacy that nothing bad comes out of the tinsel town. Even Nollywood is improving the quality of their home videos, based on flicks like Ije.

I said earlier, “Someone has to cry out,” because these movies reach our shores and we watch them and we deserve some quality too. So, this is why I wish for those good ol’ days that gave us classics like Gone with the Wind, The godfather and Ben Hur. Hollywood need to get their act together, get their groove back and give us classics like we believe they can.


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