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okay,it’s official: hollywood has gone nuts. How else can you explain the trash we see on the big screen these days. i just saw Resident Evil: Afterlife and the movie makes me believe much less in the afterlife.

I know folks, but it seems to me the movie is finished,so maybe we’ll be expecting Afterlife 11/2. The movie was so unrealistic and let on its trail, a lot of unanswered questions. i mean it was like watching The Matirx (underdrive). i barely made it to the end and made me wonder why we had to see another part. Maybe they should have let it go extinct with RE3. don’t even get me started with Wes Craven’s abomination “My soul to take” and the ever annoying, endless SAW series.

thats what really grinds my gears folks, these guys are playing with our feelings. Anything wrong with continually dishing out classics like Inception;nah! all we get is ageing Robin Hoods, vigilantes with blades and half- baked zombies. come on hollywood, give us  big fat break.


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