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Hey there folks, a very happy new year to you, though its coming a bit late. 2009 did end with a lot of drama. First that weird little militant tried to blow up another U.S. plane (they don’t get tired do they?), then Brittany Murphy died of a heart attack. The latter was tragic and the former, annoying especially because the U.S. seem to be punishing Nigeria for the acts of a Nigerian terrorist who has hardly lived in this country. Anyways, we forgive them; i’m sure there was no oil . . . sorry, pun intended.
Still on obituaries the nation mourned as we lost a former first lady, and i must say, the best we ever had, Maryam Babangida. She was a very humble and elegant woman and we were sad to see her go. Well, no matter how bad 2009 ended, we at the CHAMBER are certain that 2010 will be much better. According to BBC.com, at least we had partial (and i really mean partial) confirmation that the president of Nigerian is alive. I’m relieved! Whether his return will make any difference is left to be seen.
On the sports tip, the super eagles have qualified for the world cup 2010 and have been placed in the “has beens” group alongside Argentina, South Korea and Greece. Should we be scared? I think not.
On the movie tip, i saw Avatar and i was impressed. Its given me a lot to look forward to. 2010 should be an exciting year, here we go!


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