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I’m sitting at home right now and guess what? There’s no power. This isn’t one of those unusual blackouts you hear about in other countries. No way. Here in Nigeria, it’s just another day in the week. Currently the country should be running on a measly power supply of about 2500 megawatts (wow!). That’s not even enough to power Lagos!


President Umaru Yar adua

But fret not! Our “capable” government has promised us a new improved power supply of . . . wait for it: 6000 MV (ha! ha!). Oh, we’re so excited. Not. At least now we’ll be able to power Lagos and part of another state. Oh well, we’re in the month of September and the question arises: can they make the December 31st deadline? Your guess is as good as mine. Me thinks they’re just playing around and working very hard to find an excuse that will convince the citizens.

I’m not a pessimist, but I won’t be deluded. If it’s based on what the eyes can see, then ‘fughidabawfit!’ As long as the ruling PDP (potentially destructive party) continues ruling Nigeria, we might as well return to the caveman era. Can we get some power up in here?


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